Research Experience

November, 2021 – July, 2023. Senior Reseach Engineer at Moscow network algorithm laboratory of the Huawei Technology company

  • Development optimal algorithms for computer networks
  • Detection traffic anomalies

July, 2019 – September, 2021. Junior Researcher at the Scientific Center for Applied Probabilistic Analysis of the Peoples ‘ Friendship University of Russia

  • Perfirmance analysis of network slicing with QoS isolation
  • Performance characterization and traffic protection in street multi-band mmWave and microwave deployments
  • Determination of the number and location of drones with access points in mmWaves
  • Quantifying the mmWave NR base stations density for network slicing

September, 2015 – o.t. Assistant/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor of the Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics of the National Research Tomsk State University

  • Study of resource queues of various configurations
  • Traffic identification task using neural networks
  • Calculation of the necessary computing power in the IoT networks

October, 2023 – o.t. Senior Research Scientist in Skolkovo institute of Science and Technology, Moscow Region, Russia.

  • Developing a smart scheduler

National Research Tomsk State University

  • 2019 – the researcher. teacher-researcher

  • 2018 – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences / Ph.D. in Mathematics

  • 2015 – Master of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

  • 2013 – Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Probability theory, queueing theory, statistics, data analysis, machine learning, simulation.