Elena Khramtsova

Junior Research Scientist
Center of Life Sciences

Professor: Yuri Kotelevtsev

Elena graduated from the Krasnoyarsk State University in 2006. She started her research activity in her second year at the University and performed her diploma work at the Institute of Biophysics. She participated in the study of mutual influence of tumor cells of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma and cells of immune system. Elena received her Candidate of Sciences degree in the field of Biophysics from Institute of Cell Biophysics RAS in 2016. Her thesis was devoted to the study of proliferation and differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells after insertion into a blastocyst. Her research interests include the isolation mouse hepatic stellate cell line, search for molecular targets for molecular therapy of liver fibrosis.

RNAi based suppression of experimental fibrosis in mice. Validation of new therapeutic targets.