Dmitry Yudin

Dmitry Yudin studied applied mathematics and physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Moscow, Russia) and graduated with a PhD examination at Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden) in 2015.
Over the last 5 years he has gained significant research experience in developing advanced numerical algorithms for studying various aspects of strongly correlated systems, including those based on machine learning and variational quantum circuits.
After defending his PhD he took a position as a Research Fellow at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), while enjoyed being a long term visiting researcher at the University of California at San Diego, USA, and at Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics, Germany.
He subsequently moved back to Russia where he used to work as an independent researcher with support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Russian Science Foundation.
In 2018, Dmitry joined Skoltech as a Research Scientist at CDISE where he is currently working and pursuing research on neuromorphic engineering and applying newly developed methodologies, such as deep learning, to emerging computing technologies.
In 2020, Dmitry was appointed as an Assistant Professor at CDISE.

  • Neuromorphic computing with focus on both algorithm development and hardware
  • Variational quantum algorithms and quantum computing
  • Computational materials science and atomistic-scale modeling

Recent publications:

I. I. Vrubel, D. Yudin, and A. A. Pervishko. On the origin of the electron accumulation layer at clean InAs(111) surfaces // Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics 23, 4811 (2021)

A. Macarone Palmieri, E. Kovlakov, F. Bianchi, D. Yudin, S. Straupe, J. D. Biamonte, and S. Kulik. Experimental neural network enhanced quantum tomography //  npj Quantum Information 6, 20 (2020)

A. Kardashin, A. Uvarov, D. Yudin, and J. Biamonte. Certified variational quantum algorithms for eigenstate preparation // Physical Review A 102, 052610 (2020)

A. A. Pervishko, D. Yudin, V. Kumar Gudelli, A. Delin, O. Eriksson, and G.-Y. Guo. Localized surface electromagnetic waves in CrI3-based magnetophotonic structures // Optics Express 28, 29155 (2020)

A. Uvarov, J. D. Biamonte, and D. Yudin. Variational quantum eigensolver for frustrated quantum systems // Physical Review B 102, 075104 (2020)

A. Berezutskii, M. Beketov, D. Yudin, Z. Zimborás, and J. D. Biamonte. Probing criticality in quantum spin chains with neural networks // Journal of Physics: Complexity 1, 03LT01 (2020)

I. I. Vrubel, A. A. Pervishko, D. Yudin, B. Sanyal, O. Eriksson, and P. A. Rodnyi. Oxygen vacancy in ZnO-w phase: pseudohybrid Hubbard density functional study // Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 32, 315503 (2020)

I. I. Vrubel, A. A. Pervishko, H. Herper, B. Brena, O. Eriksson, and D. Yudin. An ab initio perspective on STM measurements of the tunable Kondo resonance of the TbPc2 molecule on a gold substrate // Physical Review B 101, 125106 (2020)

M. Baglai, R. J. Sokolewicz, A. Pervishko, M. I. Katsnelson, O. Eriksson, D. Yudin, and M. Titov. Giant anisotropy of Gilbert damping in a Rashba honeycomb antiferromagnet // Physical Review B 101, 104403 (2020)

Master students

  • Anna Klyueva, MSc-1: Data Science
  • Roland Konlechner, MSc-1: Information Science and Technology

PhD students

  • Dmitrii Prodan, PhD-1: Computational and Data Science and Engineering
Anastasia Pervishko
Research Scientist