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Daria Kopylova

Professor: Albert Nasibullin

Development of optoelectronic devices using single walled cacbon nanotubes and hybrid materials and infrared spectroscopy methods

Kopylova D.S., Boldyrev N.Yu., Yakovlev V.Ya., Gladush Yu.G., Nasibulin A.G. “Bolometer based on single-walled carbon nanotubes and hybrid materials”, Quantum Electronics (accepted for publication).

Gladush Yu.G., Medvedkov O.I., Vasilev S.A., Kopylova D.S., Iakovlev V.Ia., Nasibulin A.G. “Control of a resonant wavelength of fibre Bragg gratings using a resistive coating based on single-walled carbon nanotubes”, Quantum Electronics. 2016. 46 (10), P. 919–923

Kopylova D.S. and Pelivanov I.M. “Nonlinear optoacoustic transformation in the system of dielectric substrate/submicron metal coating/liquid”, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 130 (4), October 2011

Pelivanov I.M., Kopylova D.S., Podymova N.B., Karabutov A.A. “Optoacoustic Technique for Thickness Measurement of Submicron Metal Coatings”, Laser Physics. 2009. V. 19. №6. P. 1350-1360.

Pelivanov I.M., Kopylova D.S., Podymova N.B., Karabutov A.A. “Optoacoustic method for determination of submicron metal coating properties: Theoretical consideration”, J. Appl. Phys. 2009. V. 106. P. 013507(1)-013507(8).

Kopylova D.S., Pelivanov I.M., Podymova N.B., Karabutov A.A. “Thickness Measurement for Submicron Metallic Coatings on a Transparent Substrate by Laser Optoacoustic Technique” Acoustical Journal, 2008, Vol. 54(6), P. 905–913.

2006 – 2011     PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Laboratory of Laser Optoacoustics, Physical Department, Moscow State University, Russia
PhD thesis title: “Diagnostics of submicron metal coatings on dielectric substrate by laser optoacoustic method”. Supervisor: Prof I. Pelivanov.

1999 – 2006     BA and MSc in Physics, Physical Department, Moscow State University, Russia  GPA 4.8/5.0
Dissertation title: “Optoacoustic transformation in three-layered system: quartz substrate – metal film – liquid”. Supervisor: Prof I. Pelivanov.