Christoph Hermann Borchers

Head of Laboratory of Omics technologies and Big data for Personal Medicine and Health, Visiting Professor
Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering

Book Chapters
22) Percy AJ, Yang J, Chambers AG, Mohammed Y, Miliotis, Borchers CH. Protocol for
Standardizing High-to-Moderate Abundance Protein Biomarker Assessments Through an
MRM-with-Standard-Peptides Quantitative Approach.
In: Modern Proteomics – Sample Preparation, Analysis and Practical Applications, Advances in
Experimental Medicine and Biology, Springer, 2016, Vol. 919, 515-531.

21) Han J, Parker, CE, Borchers CH.
Chemical derivatization to enhance metabolomic analysis by LC/ESI–MS. In: Advanced LC-MS
Applications in Metabolomics, Future-Science eBook, Han J, Parker, CE, Borchers CH, Borchers CH
(Eds), 2015.

20) Percy AJ, Chambers AG, Parker CE, Borchers CH.
MRM-based Protein Quantification with Labeled Standards for Biomarker Discovery, Verification, and
Validation in Human Plasma.
In: Quantitative Proteomics, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014, Vol. 1, 316-

2017 – 22 Honorary Professor of Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University

2016 LifeScienes BC Award Winner – Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence

2015 – 24 The Innovative Translational Proteomics Program, $1M CAD, The Warren Y. Soper
Charitable Trust

2014 – 19 Segal McGill Chair in Molecular Oncology, $200,000 CAD

Maria Trawkina
Junior Research Scientist