Alexandra Rogacheva

Associate Professor of the Practice and Expert
Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Dr. Alexandra Rogacheva brings over 20 years of dynamic experience and expertise in innovation, technology development, strategy, and product management to her role as an Associate Professor of Practice. Her diverse insights and practical knowledge, acquired from her tenure in the Telecoms and Oil and Gas industry sectors across the United Kingdom, the United States, Norway, and the Russian Federation, are going to enhance the academic discourse with a unique global perspective.

With a rich background spanning both academia and industry, Dr. Rogacheva has honed her skills in research and development, leadership development, and talent mentoring. She is adept at driving the transformative initiatives that bridge disciplines and foster a culture of innovation.

Her passion for fostering innovation extends beyond traditional boundaries, as evidenced by her consultancy activity at a UK-based consulting firm Simplarity Ltd (, where she leverages her insights to guide both established enterprises and start-ups through strategic planning, innovation management, and change management, while tailoring solutions to their specific needs and objectives.

Alexandra’s academic journey reflects her commitment to excellence. She holds PhD in Physics from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia) complemented by MSc in Technology Management from the Open University (UK) and MSc in Economics, Accounting, Analysis, and Audit from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Her scholarly contributions include 11 papers with over 500 citations published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals and more than 20 presentations (including 4 invited talks) delivered at esteemed international conferences and workshops. Additionally, she boasts a portfolio of 10 patent families, which further solidifies her impact in the field of innovation and technology development.