Anton Zasedatelev

Professor: Pavlos Lagoudakis

Anton received his degree in laser physics at the National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) – Moscow, Russia. His master research was dedicated to linear spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum dots while PhD study concerns nonlinear optical properties of hybrid exciton-plasmon systems based on organic molecules conjugated with gold nanoparticles. During the period of 2009 – 2016, he gained knowledge in condensed-matter physics, fundamentals of light-matter interaction and laser physics, and got expertise in linear and nonlinear spectroscopy of nanoscale objects. In summer 2016 he joined Polaritonics group led by prof. Pavlos Lagoudakis at Skoltech (Moscow) where he has been investigating physics of Frenkel exciton-polaritons and developing all-optical polariton devices operating at room temperature in collaboration with IBM-Zurich. Vibron-mediated polariton condensation through the stimulated exciton cooling and seeded non-ground state bosonic stimulation, mechanisms of nonlinear interactions in Frenkel exciton-polariton Bose condensates, first room-temperature polariton transistor, universal logic gates and organic single-photon switch (sub-ps, sub-aJ – ultrafast and ultralow energy) are among his most notable achievements in organic polaritonics. Aside from that field, he examines quantum nature of polariton condensate by means of investigation multi-photon correlations of spinor polariton BEC alongside with high-order photon correlations of coupled polariton condensates in different configurations.


“Polariton simulators”

Polaritons, composite particles consisting of light and matter, can be created inside semiconductors built into nano-structures of exquisite precision. At low densities and temperatures these particles condense together to form a single quantum state. This physics can be exploited in the realization of the next generation of low threshold lasers. The task of this project is to imprint polariton condensates into multi-site configurations by spatial modulation of the pumping laser and explore the applications such as quantum polariton simulators: highly tunable system that can emulate other, not so easily accessible, quantum systems.

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light-matter interaction, quantum optics, nonlinear optics