Anton Melnikov

Anton has a nearly 10-year experience in the field of electrical energy industry. He worked in innovative industrial company ESSP JSC, which operates in the urban electrical grid sector.  Anton had two major responsibilities in the company:  as a head of the testing laboratory, Anton carried out a wide range of research projects the goal of which was testing of conductor/clamp systems in a variety of extreme and regular operational modes. Another responsibility was promotion of new brand products for overhead lines to the markets abroad.

In addition, Anton worked in the Federal Grid Company of United Energy System of Russia. He was responsible for organization of work in the Russian national research committee B2 – Overhead Power Lines in CIGRE, leading international professional association of experts in the field of all functional aspects of electric energy systems. The membership in CIGRE provided Anton with access to the best international experience and helped to establish contacts with many international experts in the sphere.

Work on research «Processing of experimental data and modelling of ice-deposition processes on the diverse types of conductors» . The primary goal of the project is research and test resistance of different types of wires to glaze-ice and rime depositions, development of recommendations for application of the wires available on the market and as a result enhancing the credibility of their use in different regions of the Russian Federation.

Graduated from Moscow State University Faculty of Physics (Master’s degree) in 2013