Anna Tkachev

Professor: Philipp Khaitovich

Graduated: Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, 2015.

Research project: Analytical pipeline for untargeted mass spectrometry data analysis of low molecular weight compounds and its application to investigation of metabolic signatures of human complex traits

Research interests: My research focuses on untargeted LCMS (liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry) lipidomics data analysis and its application to the study of human brain diversity, evolution and disease. Past and current projects include: population differences in brain lipid composition, human lipidome brain map, lipidome alterations in blood plasma of schizophrenia patients. I am also interested in data processing pipeline improvement for untargeted LCMS lipidomics.

Conference presentations:
Lipidome changes in prefrontal cortex of African American, Western European and Han Chinese populations. Anna Tkachev, Ekaterina Khrameeva, Philipp Khaitovich. Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, Yokohama Japan 8-12 July, 2018. Poster presentation

Compound identification for LCMS-based untargeted lipidomics using retention time information. Anna Tkachev, Waltraud Mair, Philipp Khaitovich. 7th European Lipidomics Meeting, Leipzig Germany 26-29 September, 2018. Poster presentation

Data analysis and data processing optimization for global lipidomics experiments as part of projects concerning brain health and pathology