Anna Fefilova

Research Intern
Center of Life Sciences

Supervisor:  Victor Koteliansky. Co-advisor Daniel Anderson

Entry year to Skoltech – 2014

Anna graduated from Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University.

Research project: New regulators of ER-stress in liver pathology

Recent years were associated with rising interest to the long ncRNAs (non-coding mRNA transcripts ranging in length from 200nt to 100 kb). Though, functional role of the majority of long ncRNAs are yet to be discovered, there is an emerging evidence from various reports about regulatory role of long ncRNAs in such processes as chromatin modification, transcriptional regulation, cell differentiation etc. In our research we will study regulation of expression of UPR key components (IRE1, XBP1, PERK, ATF4, ATF6) by long ncRNAs using RNA interference technology. We expect to develop siRNA based approaches to manipulate UPR component of liver diseases, as well as identify and validate candidate lncRNA involved into UPR components regulation.