Andrey Kardashin

Graduated from: Higher School of Economics, Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics

Research interests: quantum computation, quantum algorithms

Thesis title: Variational Quantum Algorithms


Machine Learning Phase Transitions with a Quantum Processor Alexey Uvarov, Andrey Kardashin, Jacob Biamonte Status: in review (2019) PRL arXiv:1906.10155

Quantum Machine Learning Tensor Network States Jacob Biamonte, Alexey Uvarov, Andrey Kardashin Status: in review (2019) Frontiers in Computer Science arXiv:1804.02398

[preliminary title] Self-Learning Eigenstates with a Quantum Processor Andrey Kardashin, Alexey Uvarov, Dmitry Yudin, Jacob Biamonte Status: ongoing work


Machine Learning Prague Prague, Czech Republic February 21–25, 2019 assisting lecturer on the master class on quantum computation

International Conference on Quantum Technologies Moscow, Russia July 15–19, 2019 poster session participant