Andrey Ivanov

Professor: Maxim Fedorov

Andrey is a highly educated algorithm developer and researcher with strong DSP background. He obtained his Candidate of Sciences degree in Electrical Engineering from Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 2008. Andrey has 4 years of student teaching experience both in Bauman Moscow State Technical University and in aerospace industry. He was a leader of RFBR grants for 2 years and acquired international experience working in industrial companies in Ireland and China. For 3 years, he led projects in aerospace industry. Andrey published 15 papers, both in Russian and English, with IEEE index. He is an author of four tutorials for students that were published and recommended for higher education, and took part in a number of international conferences.

Andrey is an expert in digital algorithms development with 8 years of experience in Matlab, C++, and in the design of the hardware, with 6 years of experience in FPGA, micro-controllers, processors and 2 years in ASIC.

Theoretical fundamentals and experimental study of  wireless networks for Massive Machine Type Communications