Aliya Glagoleva

Professor: Keith Stevenson

Dr. Aliya Glagoleva received her Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech). While obtaining Ph.D. degree, she has successfully developed two hardware laboratory equipment pieces at Skoltech, built a novel simulation method at Newcastle laboratory, UK, and developed a mathematical method of assessing qualitative data during Stanford US-Russia Forum (SURF) research program. Her primary focus was on the design and development of hydrogen storage and purification systems of low (200W) to medium (1kW) power scale.

Previously, she received her Specialist degree in Power Engineering from Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) with summa cum laude diploma in 2014. During her education, she received a Russian Government Scholarship, Academic Board Fellowship, Alumni Fund Fellowship (twice) and won the II place at the Russian National Polytechnic Competition (Olympiad). Aliya has a solid background in Engineering. She successfully worked as an engineer at General Electric, field engineer intern at Schlumberger, and an intern in the valuation of technical assets department at Ernst and Young, exceeding expectations. During these jobs, she acquired practical and applicable experience. Aliya has six scientific publications in international journals and special issues, including Q1 journals in the first authorship.

She is also an active member of Skoltech community and volunteered as the Disciplinary Board Member (2014-2018), Skoltech Student Council President (2014-2015), and a co-founder and organizer of the SkoltechOn international conference for students (2015).

Aliya Glagoleva defended her Ph.D. thesis titled “Development of a kW scale air-heated metal hydride hydrogen storage system” at Skoltech.

Currently, Aliya continues to develop hydrogen energy storage systems, utilizing novel concepts in supplying and extracting heat to and from the metal hydride reactors, progressing to a 30 kW power scale.