Alexey Filimonov

Alexey graduated with honors from Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) in 2017. His diploma work was devoted to the design and analysis of a wireless communication unit for a targeting system. He has industrial experience as an engineer at NPO Almaz. Also, he was involved in research projects and managed to publish a scientific paper in the conference proceedings about modernization and microminiaturization of targeting systems.

Skoltech Cybersport project

Mr. A. Filimonov, Dr. A. Somov “Wireless Power Transfer to the Sensors Integrated in a
Wall” in Proceedings of the 1st IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical
Systems (ICPS-2018) Saint‑Petersburg, RUSSIA, May 15‑18, 2018

N.V. Zaycev, B.V. Ochirov, A.V. Filimonov, K.D. Shiripov, I.I. Ivanov “Improvement of the mass-dimensions parameters of the receiving cabinet in the antenna post of the modern radar station,” in Proceedings of the 7th Scientific Conference for Researchers and Engineers, Moscow, Russia, September 29, 2016.


Sensor networks and wearable technologies in the context of Internet of Things paradigm