Alexei Tchistiakov

Associate Professor
Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery

Dr. Tchistiakov graduated from the Geological Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) in 1987. He completed his Ph.D. research in Geology at MSU in 1994. He has worked at Moscow State University, the Russian Academy of Science, Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), the Dutch Geological Survey and Lukoil group. He has completed numerous geological projects in Europe, Siberia, Kazakhstan, South America and the Middle East.

During his 30-year professional career, Dr. Tchistiakov has been engaged in applied research in different fields of earth science, namely geology, sequence stratigraphy of carbonate reservoirs, reservoir quality characterization, 3D geological modelling, operational geological surveying, formation damage modelling, soil and rock mechanics, application of GIS and remote sensing for geological mapping, development of geo-data base and knowledge base applications. These applied studies were mainly executed in the frame of international projects financed by the European Commission, transnational oil and service companies.

Integrates reservoir quality characterization and enhanced oil recovery.

Rock petrophysics.

Well log interpretation.

Hydrocarbone reserves calculation.

Sequence stratigraphy of carbonate reservoirs.

3D geological modeling of hydrocarbon and geothermal reservoirs.

Rock mechanics.

Application of GIS and remote sensing for geological mapping and environmental monitoring.




Reservoir quality characterization and laboratory core analyses.

Petrophysics and Well logging.

3D Geomodeling.