Alexander Ryzhov

Professor: Henni Ouerdane


Integration and Control of Heat and Power Systems with Variable Loads (Next Generation: Skoltech MIT Partnership Program)

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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Applied math. and physics, M.D. 2011

Fluid, gas and plasma mechanics, Ph.D. 2015

Optimization and control, CFD, flows stability, transonic aerodynamics, receptivity and laminar-turbulent transition in hypersonic boundary layers, flow control.

Past activities:

Collaboration with training simulators manufacturer ‘˜Dynamica': harsh flight regimes corresponding to take-off and landing on ships/airports near mountains and refueling during flight were added to the simulator. Cooperation with helicopters manufacturer MIL in noise reduction of blades. Participation in 7-th European framework program together with leading European aerospace research centers and aircraft manufacturers in flow control utilization for next-generation passenger aircraft efficiency increase. As a result, technology with high TRL was developed.


TsAGI award, 2016, ‘˜Airplane simulators for harsh flight conditions’