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Abhishek Babu

Abhishek Babu is currently working as Research Scientist in the Center for Design, Manufacturing, and Materials, Skoltech. He completed his PhD in the area of Mechanical Engineering (Tribology) from  Shiv Nadar University (Delhi NCR).  Prior to joining Skoltech, he worked as a senior research fellow in Shiv Nadar Univerity Delhi NCR India. Thrust areas of his research are Cold spray coatings,  Tribology (macro, micro, and nano), Thermal spray coatings, Microwave cladding, Biomimetics, and Surface Modifications. His research interests include surface modifications for controlling surface degradation, friction, and adhesion using techniques such as microwave processing, laser claddings, and thermal spraying. He is also involved in developing bio-inspired superhydrophobic self-cleaning surfaces with anti-icing, Antiviral, modulated adhesion, and anti-wear surfaces.

Advanced coatings and surface treatments by various deposition processes (Cold Spray, HVOF, Air Plasma Spray, Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation and others);

Development of microwave-assisted cladding and post-processing of thermal/cold sprayed coatings.

Deep cryogenic processing of thermal spray coatings.

Development of micro and nano textured surfaces for self cleaning applications.

Waste processing.


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Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering  2017- 2021, Shiv Nadar University, G. Noida. India Thesis title: “DEVELOPMENT OF MICROWAVE ASSISTED EROSION RESISTANT CLADDINGS FOR FLUID MACHINES” 


Masters in Manufacturing Engineering June 2016, Anna University Regional Campus, Coimbatore, India, Thesis title: “DEVELOPMENT OF GREEN LUBRICANT FROM BIO-MASS WASTE



B.E in Mechanical Engineering  May 2013 Anna University Chennai.

Microwave processing                                                Tribology (erosion, wear)

Additive manufacturing                                             Waste processing

Superhydrophobic paints                                           Composites

Cryogenics                                                                 Post-processing of coatings

Member of Material Research Society, Singapore                                                         2019

Received young scientist travel grand, DST SERB, Gov. of India                            2019

Received sponsored assistance to attend ICMAT 2019, NTU Singapore              2019

Member of Tribology Society of India (TSI), IIPM, Gurgaon                                     2018

Fully funded for pursuing PhD in Shiv Nadar University                                          2017

Junior research fellow, DST SERB, Gov. of India                                                            2016