Appointments & Development

The faculty consists of professors (including Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Full Professors), Professors of the Practice (including Associate Professors of the Practice and Full Professors of the Practice), and ex-officio, the academic leadership of the Institute (including: top management employees involved with education, faculty, students, research, and innovation; the Deans, the Provost and the President).

All Professors and Professors of the Practice are appointed to the Institute at large, and when granted, tenure is at the Institute (not at a Center or other such academic units). Individuals may freely affiliate with Centers, groups, laboratories, or programs as they choose.

At each stage of appointment and promotion, the candidate will be evaluated for contributions in three areas – education, research, and innovation – in accordance with the objectives and strategy of the Institute. The absolute accomplishment and relative weight of these factors will depend on the position and rank sought. In addition, each appointment and promotion case will take into account a fourth component – Professional Development, Recognition and Service, the detailed evaluation of which also depends on the position and rank of the promotion.