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Yury Smirnov

Professor: Pavlos Lagoudakis

Yury Smirnov graduated with honours from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Department of Electronic Technologies in Machinery, in 2016.

Yury has 2 years of hands-on experience in nanofabrication (mainly, plasma etching and thin film deposition). He worked at facilities ranked ISO5-ISO7 and was involved in setting up a new cleanroom laboratory in BMSTU. Yury’s scientific work and the theme of master’s thesis were related to novel nanophotonic device fabrication.

In SkolTech Yury is carrying on research in the field of optoelectronic devices including simulation and characterization under the supervision of Prof. Lagoudakis in Hybrid Photonics Laboratory. The main focus is on the fabrication of Hybrid LED in order to improve their emission characteristics and colour conversion efficiency.


Hybrid Photonics, hybrid LEDs