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Sergey Volodin

Research Intern
Center for Energy Systems

Professor: Yury Maximov

Sergey is an undergraduate student at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Department of Control and Applied Math. During his undergraduate studies, Sergei participated in many activities such as robotics, research, ACM-like olympiads and software development competitions. The joint work with the Department of Theoretical Mechanics of MIPT resulted in a paper, which considers an application of the Tennis racket theorem to a specific phenomenon observed in zero-gravity.

His areas of research interest are Machine Learning and Optimization.

In 2016 Sergei worked on a bioinformatics problem which involved applying cutting edge multi-label classification algorithms to experimental data.

Structural Modelling and Optimization for Energy Systems

  1. Petrov, A.G. & Volodin, S.E. Janibekov’s effect and the laws of mechanics. Dokl. Phys. (2013) 58: 349. doi:10.1134/S1028335813080041
  2. Volodin S., Popova M. A probabilistic approach for the prediction of biological problems nuclear receptor activity. (In Russian)