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Roman Pogodin

Research Intern
Center for Energy Systems

Professor: Yury Maximov

Roman is an undergraduate student at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Department of Control and Applied Mathematics. His major is Applied Mathematics and Physics and he is currently among the top 10 students of the department. Roman is also a first year student at Yandex School of Data Analysis, Department of Computer Science. His research experience at MIPT includes application of Numerical Optimization techniques for Structural Biology. He presented his work at Russian summer schools and conferences. Roman also took part in two summer internships in Computational Neuroscience at LMU in Munich and EPF in Lausanne, in 2015 and 2016 respectively, where he also presented results of his research.

His research interests include machine learning, optimization and their biological applications.

Structural Modelling and Optimization for Energy Systems

August 2015
Amgen Program LMU symposium
Poster presenter

September 2015
Amgen Program Cambridge symposium
Poster presenter

November 2015
58th MIPT Scientific Conference
Poster presenter

June 2016
Eights Traditional school “Control, Information,
Poster presenter

September 2016
Information Technology and Systems 2016
Conference paper
Quadratic Programming Approach to Fit Protein Complexes into Electron Density Maps

  1. Pogodin, A. Katrutsa, S. Grudinin