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Olga Sergeeva

Professor: Timofei Zatsepin

Olga is a graduate of the Moscow State University (Russia) where she had a postdoctoral position prior to joining SkolTech. Olga is a winner of many scholarships for young scientists and an author and a co-author of many publications (h-index = 2; average citations – 5/year) including one book chapter. She participated in conferences in Russia and abroad, repeatedly presenting a poster about her research. Olga has teaching experience gained as a seminar teacher of the specialized learning-center of science at the Moscow State University (Russia) Summer School and an online instructor of the Chemical Foundations of Bioinformatics Course at the NY Polytechnic Institute (USA).

Olga’s last subject of work referred to the translation process. She was interested in the mechanism of ribosome work, of the ribosome ferment modification, of the role of modified bases of rRNA in the translation process. Her previous project correlated with fluorescent labeling of the ribosome parts for the investigation steps of translation and interaction with initiation factors and etc.

Now she has a project, which is connected with modification of human matrix RNA, what is the function of this modification, how it may influences on the splicing, location of this mRNA and, of course, translation.

New Olga’s subject of interest concerns human non-coding genome, for example, long noncoding RNA: its function, mechanism of action.

Selected publications:

1.    Sergeeva O. V., Prokhorova I. V., Ordabaev Y., Tsvetkov P. O., Sergiev P. V., Bogdanov A. A., Makarov A. A., Dontsova O. A. Properties of small rRNA methyltransferase RsmD: mutational and kinetic study. RNA. 2012.18(6):1178-85.

2.    Sergiev P. V., Golovina A. Y., Sergeeva O. V., Osterman I. A., Nesterchuk M. V., Bogdanov A. A. Dontsova O. A. How much we can learn about the function of bacterial rRNA modification by meaning large-scale experimental datasets. Nucleic Acids Res.  2012. 40(12):5694-705.

3.    Burakovsky D. E., Prokhorova I. V., Sergiev P. V., Milón P., Sergeeva O. V., Bogdanov A. A., Rodnina M. V., Dontsova O. A. Impact of methylations of m2G966/m5C967 in 16S rRNA on bacterial fitness and translation initiation. Nucleic Acids Res. 2012. 40(16):7885-95.