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Nikita Doikov

Research Intern
Center for Energy Systems

Professor: Yury Maximov

Nikita obtained his Bachelor degree at the department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Lomonosov Moscow State University. His thesis was about topic modelling – statistical models with latent variables for automated analysis of large collections of texts. This work was done under supervision of Prof. K.V. Vorontsov.

During his Master’s work Nikita studied statistics and optimization theory at Higher School of Economics and did his thesis about complexity of the Cubic regularized Newton method.

Currently, Nikita is a PhD-student in Computer Science at Higher School of Economics, where he is doing research in second-order optimization algorithms under supervision of Prof. Y.E. Nesterov.

Scientific interests: optimization (convex optimization, discrete optimization), machine learning, statistics and related topics.

Structural Modelling and Optimization for Energy Systems