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Mkhitar Mkhitaryan

Research Intern
Center for Energy Systems

Professor: Janusz Bialek

Mkhitar studied applied math and physics in Moscow institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). He received his bachelor’s degree in 2014. In his bachelor diploma work he studied vector solitons polarization dynamic in fiber lasers. He conducted his research in collaboration with Aston Institute of Photonics’ in Birmingham, UK, in the research group of Prof. Sergey K. Turitsyn.

In 2014, Mkhitar joined Skoltech as a Master student, where he studied under a double degree program with MIPT. He successfully received his master’s degree in June 2016. His thesis at Skoltech focused on flexible operation of electrical power transmission grid using Flexible Alternative Current Transmissions Systems. Specifically, he studied the benefits of coordination among transmission system operators in network operation.


Asian Energy Supergrid project, intended to develop a gas transportation model for studying interactions between gas power production and electricity production