Ivan Filippov

Professor Pavlos Lagoudakis 

Ivan graduated from Radio engineering department of Bauman Moscow State University in 2014. His diploma work was devoted with development and modeling microelectromechanical systems. In 2014 Ivan started working as process engineer in Bauman University cleanroom in projects focused on Plasmonics, Quantum computer, MEMS and microfluidics. As part of cleanroom team he was developing many technological processes and has a qualification with working with high-tech equipment:

  • Dry etching of noble metal (Ag, Au) through e-beam resist masks (PMMA, HSQ) with structure size < 200 nm for Plasmonic applications
  • ICP CVD of thin layers SiO2 and Si3N4
  • Bosch processes with high aspect ratio structures (1:50) and TSV processes development (deep Si etching 525 microns) for MEMS deviceses
  • Different oxide etching (Al2O3, SiO2) for nano-pattern
  • Niobium etching with low roughness for Quantum Computer project
  • Developing topologies for laser, e-beam lithography and photolithograph

His research in the field of Plasmonics was focused on formation structures in nobel metals such as gold and silver. Working in this field Ivan published several publications in international journals like the Applied Physic Latter. Ivan had taking part in the project of designing and building cleanroom areas in BMSTU.


Ivan Filippov will work on the Hybrid Photonics line of our research activity. In particular he will assist the PhD students and post docs in the group in the setting up and running of experiments for the study of hybrid materials and devices.