Irina Makarenko

Professor: Iskander Akhatov

Design and experimental support for the development and implementation of straight profiles pultrusion technology through the use of semi-finished thermoplastic polymer composite materials using pultrusion equipment PULTREX Px500 6T

2012 MS (Second education, Chemistry), Moscow State University

2008 PhD (Physics), Moscow State University

2006 Specialist (Physics), Moscow State University

Specialist diploma with honours (MSU, Physics, 2006). Best student scientific research competition winner

PhD – ahead of time defended (MSU, 2008)

Second MS diploma with honours (MSU, Chemistry, 2012)

Winner of MSU Rector program “100+100” for young Ph.D. to obtain the Associate Professor position (2013)

Winner of Scholarship and Research Grant competition of young teachers and scientists MSU (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

Winner of Young Scientists and Students Competitions at Lomonosov MSU, Faculty of Physics (2006, 2008)

Winner of scholarship of Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow for Italian language courses in Sicilia (2013)

Shortlisted at McKinsey Competition ”Next Generation Women Leaders Award” (2016)