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Evgeny Khorov

 Professor: Maxim Fedorov

Evgeny Khorov received his BS and MS degrees with honors from MIPT in 2008 and 2010, respectively, and PhD degree in Telecommunications from IITP RAS in 2012. His PhD thesis focused on Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning in multihop wireless networks. Specifically, he has developed a theory of link management in multihop ad hoc networks, which was presented at the International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems in 2012 and received the Best Paper Award. Evgeny Khorov is also a recipient of Moscow Government Prize for Young Scientists (2013) for in-depth study of channel access in wireless multi-hop networks.

Evgeny is a Senior Researcher in the Network Protocols Research Lab, IITP RAS, where he has developed numerous mathematical models of networking protocols and designed several algorithms and protocols, which are described in over 50 papers. Evgeny has led a number of national and international projects sponsored by academia foundations (RSF, RFBR, Ministry of Education) and industry. In 2015 Huawei RRC awarded him as the Best Cooperation Project Leader. Evgeny Khorov is also a voting member of IEEE 802.11 that develops and standardizes Wi-Fi. In 2015-2016,  he developed several improvements, which were included in the 802.11ax standard aka high efficiency WLANs.  In 2015 he studied technologies for the Internet of Things as a Visiting Research Fellow in King’s College London.

As an Associate Professor in MIPT, Evgeny Khorov supervises BS, MS, and PhD students. Two of his students, Vyacheslav Loginov and Alexey Kureev, have received awards at telecommunication Olympiads.  Apart from that, Evgeny Khorov has developed a novel course on Wireless Networking Protocols.

Evgeny Khorov gives tutorials and participates in panels at large IEEE conferences (incl. ICC 2016). He is an executive chair of WiFlex 2013, ITaS 2014, 2015 and 2016. He serves as an expert of Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Science Foundation, and also as a reviewer for high-reputed scientific journals and conferences.

Evgeny Khorov’s current research interests include 5G, Internet of Things, multiple channel access, QoS provisioning, cross-layer optimization, and performance evaluation methods. In Skoltech, he focuses on emerging challenges in wireless networking.

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