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Artem Semakin

Professor: Pavel Troshin

Artem’s scientific interests are in the fields of novel synthetic methods, heterocage compounds, catalysis and click chemistry. He received his Candidate of Sciences degree from N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic chemistry in 2013. His thesis “1,4,6,10-tetraazaadamantanes – a novel hegerocage system” described synthesis of variously substituted derivatives of above mentioned azaadamantane including unsubstituted 1,4,6,10-tetraazaadamantane – a first synthesized isomer of hexamethylenetetramine. In further investigations Artem described synthesis of wide range of polyoxime ligands and their applications in catalysis.

Dr. Semakin has an excellent experience in organic chemistry, reflected in a series of his publications in high-level research journals. He also has experience of being a head of the research laboratory. For 5 years in his career, Artem supervised International Chemistry Research Projects of Moscow Chemical Lyceum students in collaboration with Korean Academy of Science (Busan, South Korea,) and National Junior College (Singapore).

Design of novel photoactive and electroactive materials for energy generation and storage