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Andrei Osiptsov

Assistant Professor
Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery

Dr Osiptsov has received his MSc degree in Continuum Mechanics (2005) and PhD degree in Fluid Mechanics (2006) from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). In 2005-2014, Dr Osiptsov worked part-time as an Assistant Lecturer and later as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University,  teaching courses in Fluid Mechanics and supervising MSc and PhD students. In 2005, Dr Osiptsov also joined full-time the Schlumberger Moscow Research Center to work on multiphase flow modeling with application to the development of new technologies for oilfield services industry. Before joining Skoltech, Dr Osiptsov held the position of Principal Research Scientist and Research Program Manager at Schlumberger and was primarily involved in projects on multistage fracturing of oil and gas wells.

Scientific interests of Dr Osiptsov lie in the field of asymptotic methods, multiphase flow modeling, suspension flows, and new technology for oil and gas industry, in particular hydraulic fracturing. He has more than 50 publications, including 16 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 5 granted patents. Dr Osiptsov is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and a reviewer for a number of professional journals, including Fluid Dynamics, Doklady Physics, Proceedings of Russian Academy of Sciences, and International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, SPE Journal.

At Skoltech, Andrei Osiptsov is involved in research projects in collaboration with Russian oil & gas companies and academic institutions on themes related to multiphase flows, especially in wells and hydraulic fractures, with the general application to new technology for the oil and gas industry. Dr. Osiptsov is also engaged in supervising students on fundamental and applied aspects of mechanics of multiphase media.

Fluid Mechanics, Multiphase Flow, Particle Transport, Hydraulic Fracturing

Selected papers:

  1. A. Osiptsov,Steady film flow of a highly viscous heavy fluid with mass supply, Fluid Dynamics, 2003. V. 38. N6. pp. 846-853.
  2. A. Osiptsov,A self-similar solution to the problem of lava dome growth on an arbitrary conic surface, Fluid Dynamics, 2004. V. 39. N1. pp. 47-60.
  3. A. Osiptsov,Non-isothermal lava flows on a conical substrate surface, Fluid Dynamics, 2005. V. 40. N2. pp. 221-232.
  4. A. Osiptsov, Self-oscillations of a plane fountain in the absence of initial submergence, Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Mekhanika, 2005. V. 60. N2. pp. 59-62 (Engl. transl. Moscow University Mechanics Bulletin).
  5. A. Osiptsov,Three-dimensional isothermal lava flows over a non-axisymmetric conical surface, Fluid Dynamics, 2006. V. 41. N 2. pp. 198-210.
  6. A. Osiptsov,Asymptotic models of solidification in cooling thin-layer flows of a highly viscous fluid, Fluid Dynamics, 2007. V. 42. N2. pp. 170-183.
  7. A. Osiptsov, E.S. Asmolov,Asymptotic model of the inertial migration of particles in a dilute suspension flow through the entry region of a channel, Physics of Fluids, 2008. V. 20, 123301.
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  12. K F. Sinkov, P.E. Spesivtsev, and A.A. Osiptsov, Justification of the drift-flux model for two-phase flows in a circular pipe, Fluid Dynamics, 2014, Vol. 49, No. 5, pp. 614–626.
  13. Boronin, A. Osiptsov, and J. Desroches,Displacement of yield-stress fluids in a fracture , Int. J. Multiphase Flow. Volume 76, November 2015, Pages 47–63.
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  15. Zhibaedov, N.Lebedeva, K.Sinkov, and A.Osiptsov, On hyperbolicity of 1D models for transient two-phase flows in pipelines, Fluid Dynamics. 2016. V. 51. N1. pp. 51-69.
  16. Krasnopolsky, B., Starostin, A., & Osiptsov, A. A. (2016). Unified graph-based multi-fluid model for gas–liquid pipeline flows. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 72(5), 1244-1262
  17. Theuveny, B., Mikhailov, D., Spesivtsev, P., Starostin, A, Osiptsov, A. A., Sidorova, M., Shako, V.,Integrated Approach To Simulation Of Near-Wellbore and Wellbore Cleanup, SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 30 September- 2 October 2013, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
  18. Osiptsov et al., Insights on Overflushing Strategies From a Novel Modeling Approach to Displacement of Yield-Stress Fluids in a Fracture, SPE-181454-MS paper presented at SPE ATCE in Dubai, U.A.E., 26–28 Sept 2016.


Patents granted:

  1. .A. Boronin, A.A. Osiptsov, Method of hydraulically fracturing a low-perm subterranean formation, RU patent N 2402679, granted Oct 27, 2010.
  2. Osiptsov and S. Boronin, “Method for hydraulically fracturing a low permeability subsurface formation” US patent 8327940 granted on 11.12.2012.
  3. Osiptsov and D. Koroteev, “Method for hydraulic fracturing”, RU patent N 2464417 granted on 20.10.2012.
  4. Osiptsov and D. Koroteev, “Method Of A Formation Hydraulic Fracturing “, US Patent 8,967,251 granted on 03 March 2015.
  5. Starostin and A.Osiptsov, “A method for improving accuracy of multiphase mixture flow rate measurement in a pipeline”, RU patent 2554686, grant date is April 9th, 2015; priority date is October 18th, 2013.
Sergei Boronin
Senior Research Scientist

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Ученая степень: кандидат физико-математических наук 2006, Московский государственный университет

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