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Alexander Slesarev

Professor: Albert Nasibullin

Dr. Slesarev combines extensive experimental science experience and equipment design skills with good understanding of theoretical background in physical chemistry, materials science and solid state physics. His experience in colloidal chemistry, photonics and carbon materials is strongly related to the area of his research at Skoltech.

Alexander graduated from the Materials Science Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2009. His Bachelor thesis focused on the design of fast and spark-proof photonic crystal-based humidity sensor for explosive environments. He obtained his PhD degree in chemistry at Rice University, Houston, USA under supervision of Dr. J. Tour. His PhD thesis focused on synthesis and application of oxidized carbon nanomaterials, including use of graphene oxide for remediation of toxic and radioactive metal pollution.

Dr. Alexander Slesarev worked in Zonko LLC (Houston, USA) as Principal Investigator and R&D Head in 2015-2016. There he managed the development of new technologies for remediation of toxic and radioactive waste and new methods of synthesis of graphene oxide, and participated in the development of remediation technologies for Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster site in Japan.

Synthesis and commercialization of products based on oxidized carbon materials (graphene oxide, oxidized carbon nanotubes);

Functionalization of coding particles (submicron) and carbon materials for production of stable suspensions for microprinting.