Office of Faculty Affairs

ekaterina_korovinaEkaterina KOROVINA
Assistant Dean, Faculty Affairs 

Oversight for general faculty matters; Faculty advancement; CREI ramp-up and capacity building.


Specialist, Faculty Recruitment Support

Faculty recruiting & CREI Directors recuiting.



Ekaterina KUZMINA
Specialist for Faculty Affairs

Assistance in running the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (appointment of research scientists, working with the Postdoctoral Affairs Coordinator on mentorship, workshops and related services for Skoltech researhcers); faculty recruitment support; organization of Skoltech Colloquium program.


maximova_lyubovLyubov MAXIMOVA
Postdoctoral Affairs Coordinator

Policies and procedures for postdoctoral associates; postdoc recruitment and applicaiton procedures coordination; ongoing support to postdocs and development events coordination.


IMG_20150306_150036Natalia KIANI
Specialist for Administration

Faculty search and recruitment; faculty support; administration of several Skoltech Committees.