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Faculty Postions

Please check out our new faculty search website for currently available vacancies: http://join.skoltech.ru/faculty-positions 


Postdoctoral (Research Scientist) Positions

Skoltech invites applications for positions in and across the university’s five technical focus themes, as well as in cross-cutting areas and entrepreneurship and innovation. Applications in Skoltech priority areas are of particular interest, but strong candidates in all areas of science and technology related to major themes are encouraged to apply.

Postdoctoral position in Space Robotics Laboratory and Wearable Media Laboratory. Design robots, haptic technology and virtual reality.

A postdoctoral Position in Photonics and Quantum Material Center. Develop tools for the metasurfaces description.

Postdoctoral Position in Fractionated Space Systems for Earth Observation. Examine and model space systems architecture.

A Research Position in Quantum Systems and Quantum Information. Do research in the area of quantum entanglement and quantum field theory. 

Research positions at the Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery. Research hard-to-recover and unconventional resources of oil and gas.

Postdoc positions in the Computational Materials Discovery Laboratory. Develop and apply novel methods of computational materials discovery.

A postdoctoral position in the Laboratory of Nanomaterials. Create and study heterojunction solar cells based on carbon nanomaterials!

Openings for research positions in Computational Prototyping Group. Apply computational skills for problems in physics and engineering.

Postdoctoral Positions and PhD candidates in Energy Systems. Address energy challenges.

Postdoctoctoral and PhD positions in the Theory of Complex Quantum Systems. Do research in the area of superconducting materials and many-particle systems. 


If you do not see postdoctoral positions matching your research interest and background, use the online postdoc application database to submit your application for consideration of future positions.